Sirius and Vega


Sirius and Vega, two multi-use offices at Clocktower Estate at the Gyle, Edinburgh.

At a Glance

Location Clocktower Estate, Edinburgh
Client The EDI Group Ltd
Contract Value £5.7 m approx
Site Area 1.6 acre
Status Completed


Place Making

These buildings are designed with a flexible end use as part of the brief, accommodating a different clientele than Edinburgh Park.

The Users' brief displayed the flexibility of the building concept incorporating cellular offices for start-up companies as well as lecture theatre and café/bistro areas.

The buildings are designed to be naturally ventilated multi-occupancy buildings, sub-lettable in a variety of ways to offer small businesses opportunity to obtain office space in this area for lower rentals and in contrast to the nearby Edinburgh Park.


The proposal include natural light and natural ventilation, reusable heat source from industry 40 metres away, flexible floor space for cellular or office plan offices, sundials.

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Urban Response

To avoid potential hierarchy within the design the proposals include modular buildings with clearly articulated, rational facades contrasting silver aluminium with natural red terracotta cladding panels.

A three storey structural glass screen marks the entrance of both buildings, on which an integrated sundial marks local apparent time. The Arts budget for the project is utilised to reinforce the recurring theme of time on the site.